Top Universities in USA for MS in Data Science with QS 2022 Ranking

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The United States of America (USA) is a dream destination for a vast number worldwide students. Its top-quality education, diverse culture, and ample job opportunities after finishing school are just some of the many factors which helped the country establish its position as a top contender in the world.

Data Science comes under one of the fields that is most sought-after of the United States. As per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics this field is anticipated to grow by an average of 28 percent by 2026. It will also create more opportunities for those who love data science. In the beginning, let’s discover the requirements for admission into the best universities in data science throughout the USA.

Eligibility for MS In Data Science in the USA

Here are the eligibility criteria to be considered among the top universities in USA on the path to an MS of data sciences:

  • The applicants must hold an undergraduate degree in math and computer science, statistics and economics with at minimum 80% marks.
  • It is mandatory to score GRE for admission (minimum recommended scores for admission are 140 or 130 for quantitative and verbal sections, while 2.5 is recommended for the section on analysis of writing).
  • Scores from the TOEFL/IELTS exam should be submitted for admission.
  • SOP (Statement of Its Purpose).
  • LORs (Letters of Recommendation).

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1. The University of California, Berkeley (Cal)

Established in 1868. University of California, Berkeley is a research institution of the public sector located in Berkeley, California. The university is ranked 22nd on the Best Colleges is National Universities, Cal is one of the most prestigious schools in the USA with an acceptance rate of 18%. With a student-faculty ratio of 19:1 The university has certificates and degrees at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. It follows a year-long academic calendar.

Awards for scholarships at the University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley does not provide financial aid for international students.

2. Carnegie Mellon University

Established in 1900, Carnegie Mellon University is a private institution located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was established by the philanthropist and industrialist Andrew Carnegie. With over 350 clubs and organizations for participation by students, the institution is well-equipped with all kinds of resources to support the academic physical, financial, and mental health demands of its students. Falling under the list of one of the top schools in the USA, Carnegie has an acceptance rate of 17%..

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology can be described as an exclusive private college located outside Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. The university traces its origin to the year 1861. With a focus on technological and scientific study, MIT has been divided into five schools. Of them, the most highly rated schools are one of them, the School of Engineering and Sloan School of Management. It is known as one of the most sought-after schools in the USA It has seven percent acceptance rates percent.

4. Stanford University

Stanford is a top private research university , founded in 1885. It is located at Stanford, California. The school has seven including three of them that offer undergraduate and graduate coursework The remaining four provide graduate education. The most highly rated schools at Stanford are they are the School of Engineering, School of Education, School of Medicine, School of Law and Graduate School of Business. Stanford uses a quarter-based educational calendar. Comparatively to other schools, the university’s admission process is extremely selective, with an acceptance rate of 5percent.

5. University of Washington(UW)

In 1861, it was established, and the University of Washington is a public research university situated within Seattle, Washington. The most highly-rated colleges of the school include the School of Medicine, College of Engineering, and Michael G. Foster School of Business. With over 100 clubs on campus and volunteers for students to be involved in, the university offers a nurturing environment. In comparison to other universities in data science in the area, the University of Washington has a high acceptance rate of 56%.

6. Cornell University

Established in 1865, Cornell University is a private college located in Ithaca, New York. Cornell University’s oldest and most prestigious campus, in terms in the number of students it has are located in Seattle. Cornell consists of sixteen colleges that offer classes that cover a wide range of subjects like engineering, sciences and arts, and social work. The top graduate programs of Cornell include those at the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, and the College of Education. The acceptance rates are 10.7 percent, the college has a very selective admissions process.

7. Georgia Institute of Technology

It was founded in 1885. Georgia Institute of Technology is an institution of higher education that is located within Atlanta, Georgia. It has 13 honor societies as well as over 400 student clubs The university provides an active student life outside of classroom learning. With an 18:1 student-to-faculty ratio The most sought-after majors at the university are Computer and Information Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, along with Industrial Engineering. Georgia Institute of Technology is a highly selective college having an accepted rate of 21 percent and an early admission rate of 27.6%

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best colleges that offer MS in Data Science in the USA?

Some of the top schools that offer MS of Data Science in the USA include that of the University of California, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and the University of Washington.

Which is more competitive MS in the field of data scientific research within the USA?

MS in Data Science is one of most sought-after schools in United States of America. According to a research report released by the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics the demand for data scientists with a high level of expertise is expected to increase by 27.9 percent in the next years.

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